SpitWad Willy under Virtual PC

I suspect that SpitWad Willy is actually a clone of another arcade game – but I cannot remember the name of the original game (if anyone reading this knows – please post in the comments).  In this game you take the place of ‘Willy’ who has to shoot ‘spitwads’ at a number of ball like object bouncing around the screen.  It sounds kind of whacky but is quite fun to play:SpitWad Willy under Virtual PC

   SpitWad Willy under Virtual PC   SpitWad Willy under Virtual PC

SpitWad Willy runs well enough under Virtual PC – however I did have to use a ‘slow down’ utility in order to get it to a playable speed.  You can download SpitWad Willy from here: http://www.worldvillage.com/wv/gamezone/download/spitwad.zip


UPDATE:  This game is a clone of the arcade game ‘Pang‘ – where you use a harpoon rather than spitwads.  Thanks Aaron!