Carmageddon under Virtual PC

Ahh yes.  The infamous ‘Carmageddon’ – met by protests and legal challenges around the world.  This game places you in an urban car race, where you get awarded extra points for stunts, etc…  The real problem was that the game also rewards points for running over pedestrians (and even bonus points if you do so ‘artistically’).  I never actually played this game when it was released – but when I picked it up a few years later I did find it to be quite fun:Carmageddon under Virtual PC

   Carmageddon under Virtual PC   Carmageddon under Virtual PC   Carmageddon under Virtual PC

Some interesting things to know are that in the UK Carmageddon was changed subtly in order to appease the censors – they changed the blood from red to green and added a bit of text to the box saying that you were running over Zombies – which was just fine (apparently).  Also – this game is a regular test tool for Virtual PC – as it does some funky things with the FPU that are good to know are still working properly.

If you want to try it out for yourself you can grab the demo from here: