Stunts under Virtual PC

Continuing in the stunt car racing theme for the week – we come to ‘Stunts’.  As far as driving games go – Stunts has a standard polygon racing engine with a solid physics model.  It also has the usual mix of cars to choose from and opponents to race against.  Where Stunts really shines is in the tracks.  First – the Stunts tracks come with a number of spectacular stunt driving components; such as raised suspension bridges, covered tunnels with road block (which require you to manage to ‘drive on the walls’ to survive) and many other cool stunt options.  Second – Stunts comes with a full track editor that allows you to build the most torturous stunt track you can think of:Stunts under Virtual PC

   Stunts under Virtual PC   Stunts under Virtual PC   Stunts under Virtual PC   Stunts under Virtual PC

One of my favorite past times with this game was to construct a track so heinous that any computer opponent I picked would crash attempting to complete it.  I would then very carefully – and very slowly – complete the track and win :-).

Stunts runs perfectly under Virtual PC.