Configuring VMRC under Virtual Server

When Virtual Server is first installed – the default configuration is to have VMRC (our remote video protocol) disabled.  This is done as a basic security measure – as it means we install in the most secure configuration – and it forces users to realize that by enabling VMRC they are opening up another TCP/IP port, etc…

If – however – you do a lot of Virtual Server installations, you may wish to automate the enabling and configuration of VMRC.  The following script will do just this:

set vs = wscript.CreateObject(“VirtualServer.Application”)

vs.VMRCEnabled = true
vs.VMRCAdminPortNumber = 5900
vs.VMRCIdleConnectionTimeoutEnabled = false
vs.VMRCXResolution = 800
vs.VMRCYResolution = 600

This is the standard script I run on my system – but you can feel free to tweak the parameters.