Kiloblaster under Virtual PC

A superb 256-color VGA animated arcade game,
30 levels of fun & wild digitized artwork!
Supports VGA, Joystick, and a Megacool
sound track for the Sound Blaster. The makers
of Jill of the Jungle have returned to bring
you even more *excellent* entertainment.

Kiloblaster is a fun little space shooting game.  It is very rapid paced with many interesting power-ups.  Even though it is nothing like Jill of the Jungle and Xargon in game play – it clearly shares the same game engine as it sports a similar menu system and has exactly the same issues with ‘sticky keys’ and slow performance.  And once again disabling the musical sound track and running the game under Windows 98 makes it completely playable:

Kiloblaster under Virtual PC

   Kiloblaster under Virtual PC   Kiloblaster under Virtual PC   Kiloblaster under Virtual PC

Quite a fun way to while away a Friday afternoon.  Feel free to download a copy from here: