Edit –> Copy under Virtual PC

A while ago now I posted about the Edit –> Paste feature of Virtual PC – but I forgot to mention it’s sibling – Edit –> Copy.  Once you have a running virtual machine under Virtual PC you can go to the Edit menu of the virtual machine and select ‘Copy’ to put a copy of the selected area into the host computers clipboard.  This is quite handy – but you will need to know a little bit more to use it successfully:

  1. To select the entire virtual machine display for a copy operation you should go to the Edit menu and select ‘Select All’
  2. To only select a portion of the virtual machine display you should hold down the host key while you left click with your mouse and highlight the area of the display that you want to copy
  3. Once you have performed your copy operation – you can get rid of the selection box by clicking inside of the virtual machine
  4. If you ‘copy’ while the virtual machine is in a graphical display mode – you will get a bitmap.  However; if you ‘copy’ while the virtual machine is in a text mode (like full screen DOS) you will get text data (that you could then paste into something like notepad).