Kiloblaster under Virtual PC

KILOBLASTER 2.0 — from EPIC MEGAGAMES!A superb 256-color VGA animated arcade game,30 levels of fun & wild digitized artwork!Supports VGA, Joystick, and a Megacoolsound track for the Sound Blaster. The makersof Jill of the Jungle have returned to bringyou even more *excellent* entertainment. Kiloblaster is a fun little space shooting game.  It is very rapid… Read more

Detecting Microsoft virtual machines

From time to time it is handy to be able to detect that you are running inside of a virtual machine (for instance – you may have maintenance scripts that you want to run on all of your computers – but have them behave differently inside of your virtual machines).  The easiest way to detect… Read more

Xargon under Virtual PC

Having got Jill of the Jungle to run – I think I will spend some time playing all of my old Epic Mega games.  It seems that though many of these games are quite different stylistically – they all use the same engine – which means that in order to avoid ‘sticky keys’ you need… Read more

Setting up a Ghost network disk for Virtual PC / Virtual Server

It is not uncommon for people to need to setup a Symantec Ghost ( network boot floppies to run inside of Virtual PC / Virtual Server.  Symantec provide a nice wizard to do this with – but unfortunately they do not include the driver for our emulated network card. The driver that you need is… Read more

Problems with Intelppm.sys and processr.sys under Virtual PC / Virtual Server

Under certain circumstances with a Windows XP / 2003 operating system – intelppm.sys and processr.sys can cause a virtual machine running under Virtual PC / Virtual Server to crash (by default this will cause the Windows guest operating system to reboot automatically – but if you have changed this setting you will see a blue… Read more

Jill of the Jungle under Virtual PC

Ahh…  Jill of the Jungle.  This is one of those classic games of DOS gaming.  Released by Epic Mega during their hey-day this game is a solid platformer – with you playing the role of ‘Jill’ an Amazonian woman who needs to get through all of the levels for some reason that I never particularly… Read more

Kernel debugging Windows XP inside of a virtual machine

Something that is incredibly easy to do with virtual machines is kernel debugging. You can do this by either connecting two virtual machines to the same named pipe (creating a virtual null-modem cable as it were), or by debugging a virtual machine directly over a named pipe from the host operating system.  If you are… Read more

Hexxagon under Virtual PC

Hexxagon is a simple little game – and is a derivation of a very old game (other derivations are known as reversi, othello, attacks, etc…).  I do not know why but for some reason I have always enjoyed playing this particular game – as it is a very nice way to pass 5 minutes at… Read more

Using COM Ports for logging under Virtual PC / Virtual Server

One interesting feature of Virtual PC / Virtual Server is the ability to map one of the virtual machines COM ports to a text file on the host computer.  This can be very handy for logging information on automated tests / batch jobs running inside of virtual machines. Once you have configured your virtual machine… Read more

Edit –> Copy under Virtual PC

A while ago now I posted about the Edit –> Paste feature of Virtual PC – but I forgot to mention it’s sibling – Edit –> Copy.  Once you have a running virtual machine under Virtual PC you can go to the Edit menu of the virtual machine and select ‘Copy’ to put a copy… Read more