Worms II under Virtual PC

Worms II takes the typical computer game sequel approach of taking the original concept and duplicating it with nicer graphics and more options.  And this time the result is quite nice.  Worms II is a Windows application – and runs well under Virtual PC (though in my testing it proved to be a bit touchy about the version of DirectX used – with any version of DirectX other than the 5.0 version that ships with the game I saw varying results).  The graphics under Worms II are very nice and well polished.  Worms II also adds a lot more in the way of building and customizing your team of Worms – which allows you to empathize more with the little guys (as they are getting blown to smithereens).  But my favorite feature of all would be that of selecting your worms ‘nationality’ – which changes the comments yelled out (in pip-squeak voices) by your worms as they wage war.  In the following screen shots a battle was ensuing between my team of Australian worms as the beat the stuffing out of the angry Scottish computer team 🙂Worms II under Virtual PC   Worms II under Virtual PC   Worms II under Virtual PC   Worms II under Virtual PC