Getting ready for PDC…

I must apologies for the dearth of posting this week – but it is for good reason.  I am busy getting ready to head down to . As we speak I am polishing my collection of demonstration virtual machines that I will be using in my presentation.  Believe me – when you are going to be doing live demonstrations of kernel debugging a virtual machine, running virtual machines in complex network configurations, etc… you want to make sure that everything is configured correctly.

For a long time now one of my favorite Virtual PC demos has been to fire up a Windows 98 virtual machine, FDISK the hard disk (rendering it unbootable) and to then just discard the undo disks and boot up Windows 98 again.  It is a fun demo – but I can tell you that the first dozen times I did this demo in public it was hard to maintain a confident attitude as you booted the virtual machine thinking ‘Please, please, please boot…’ 🙂

However having done that demo millions of times without failure now it does not phase me anymore.

Anyway – I am looking forward to a fun week at PDC and at getting a chance to hang out with all the people there and hear what they have to say about our products.