Edit –> Paste under Virtual PC

One of the features of the Virtual Machine Additions under Virtual PC is that you can easily copy and paste between applications on the virtual machine and on the physical machine.  There is a lesser known feature of Virtual PC that works independently of the Virtual Machine Additions – and that is the ‘Paste’ option on the ‘Edit’ menu of the virtual machine session window.

If you select this option; Virtual PC will copy any text from the host’s clipboard and type it into the virtual machine at a moderate pace**.  The advantage of this is that it allows you to paste complex strings (like product serial numbers or complex commands) into the virtual machine at any time with any guest operating system.


** A couple of people have asked why the text is typed as slowly as it is – and the reason is that if we type the text too quickly it can cause problems with guest operating systems that have small keyboard buffers (like DOS).