Secret Agent under Virtual PC

ALL-NEW for Feb. 1992. EGA/VGA graphics.
Full-screen scrolling adventure/action game
were you play a top agent who must retrieve
stolen plans to a deadly laser satellite.
Action and puzzles galore!

Secret Agent is a fun platform game released by Apogee towards the end of the hey-day of platform gaming on PC computers.  This game is very playable and has you playing a secret agent who needs to destroy a number of satellite dishes on a private island in order to stop a madman and his plans.  This game is very playable, challenging and fun.

Secret Agent runs acceptably under Virtual PC – I do occasionally hit a glitch or two with the keyboard and there are occasional issues with jerky scrolling on the screen – but the game remains very playable:

Secret Agent under Virtual PC

   Secret Agent under Virtual PC   Secret Agent under Virtual PC

Hmm…  It wasn’t until I took screen shots of this game that I realized that the bottom pixel is being clipped in this video mode.  If you want to try out Secret Agent for yourself you can download it from: