Warlords III under Virtual PC

Moving on in the Warlords series – we arrive at Warlords III.  Warlords III continues to enhance the Warlords series – adding new features, better graphics, more advanced ‘Hero’ building methods and the concept of a ‘campaign’.  I am constantly torn between whether I like Warlords II or II the most.  Warlords III is a much more polished game – with plenty of cool features – but it suffers from the fact that the ‘Hero’ characters have become too powerful.

Generally speaking – when you are playing Warlords III – there will come a time in every battle where you will stop playing it as a battle strategy game, and start playing it as a ‘I have four heroes with 8 dragons each – whom I am going to keep on sending on quests until everyone else is killed’ game.  This is a bit disappointing to be honest.

I first thought about playing Warlords III under Virtual PC when I moved to Windows 2000 and found that the game would lock up solid after about a minute of game play (does the same under Windows XP).  Thankfully it runs perfectly under Windows 98 under Virtual PC (though you do have to set the graphics acceleration to low – as discussed here: http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2004/10/29/249448.aspx):

Warlords III under Virtual PC

   Warlords III under Virtual PC   Warlords III under Virtual PC   Warlords III under Virtual PC

A while ago – I actually did find out about a command line parameter that allows you to run Warlords III under Windows XP – but I have been playing this game inside of Virtual PC for long enough now that it is actually my preferred method of playing 🙂