Warlords II under Virtual PC 2004

In my opinion – Warlords II is probably one of the greatest turn based warfare strategy games of all time.  Warlords II took the Warlords I concepts and extended them in many significant ways.  Warlords II saw the introduction of:

  • Randomly generated maps
  • ‘Fog of War’
  • Random turns
  • Computer player personalities
  • Diplomacy

And many other cool features.  My favorite improvement in Warlords II was that the ‘Hero’ units became valuable armies.  In Warlords – Heros’ were just glorified infantry men, but in Warlords II – Hero’s have the ability to undertake quests, gather powerful relics and lead armies.

Warlords II does run under Virtual PC – but it will not run if you enable sound effects or speech (music works fine though).  And while it also runs under Windows XP (without sound effects or music) I have actually found that this is one game that I prefer playing in a small window (instead of in full screen mode):

Warlords II under Virtual PC

   Warlords II under Virtual PC   Warlords II under Virtual PC   Warlords II under Virtual PC