Revenant under Virtual PC 2004

Friday, Friday, Friday.  Time to play games on Friday :-).  Today we will be looking at Revenant ( – an Action / Adventure game where you play the role of an ancient dead warrior, revived as a Revenant in a time and place you do not understand.  It is your job to defeat a sinister religious cult – and at the same time try to remember who it is that you were and why you were chosen for this mission.  All in all this is a very nice game, and quite fun to play.  The problem is that it is requires Windows 95 / 98.  It will run under Windows XP – but no amount of coaxing will get the sound to work (not even using compatibility mode).  Thankfully – Virtual PC comes to the rescue – where Revenant runs perfectly under Windows 98, sound and all:Revenant under Virtual PC 2004

   Revenant under Virtual PC 2004   Revenant under Virtual PC 2004