Running Diablo under Virtual PC

Well it is time for Ben’s Friday walk down memory lane.  Diablo was one heck of a game – and stole a heck of a lot of my time.  At the time of its release there were a lot of ‘hard core’ role players who complained about the fact that Diablo wasn’t a true role playing game.  But there were those of us who were able to see it for what it was – a bigger, grander, more aesthetically pleasing version of Rogue (  Diablo runs acceptably under Virtual PC – though there is a pop in the sound track every now and then:Diablo under Virtual PC

   Diablo under Virtual PC   Diablo under Virtual PC   Diablo under Virtual PC

I have completed Diablo once (as a Warrior) and always intended to go back and complete as the Rogue and Sorcerer characters – but never got around to it…  Maybe that can be my project for the weekend 🙂