SimCity 4 under Virtual PC

Well we have come to the final entry in the ‘SimCity’ series.  You might be surprised to know the SimCity 4 runs under Virtual PC – I know I was.  Despite the fact that SimCity 4 states that it has a minimum requirement of a DirectX 7.1 3D capable card with 32mb VRAM – it runs perfectly fine inside of Virtual PC on our lowly S3 Trio with 8mb VRAM.  Go figure.

Continuing with the usual approach – SimCity 4 takes the standard SimCity formula and makes it even more detailed and more complex.  Too be honest I find it to be a bit too complex – as at the end of the day it has an enormously steep learning curve.  But the graphics sure are pretty:

SimCity 4 under Virtual PC

   SimCity 4 under Virtual PC   SimCity 4 under Virtual PC   SimCity 4 under Virtual PC

All in all I would have to say that I am hard pushed to decide which version of SimCity I like the most.  They all have their pro’s and con’s – and they will all steal hours of your life if you let them 🙂