Non-integrated mouse under Virtual Server 2005

A while ago I told you about using the non-integrated mouse feature under Virtual PC (here  Now it turns out that there is no easy way for a user to turn this feature on or off under Virtual Server.  But never fear – Virtual Server does indeed support this feature just like Virtual PC does.  If you need to turn off the mouse integration under Virtual Server – what you will need to do is to:

  1. Backup your current .VMC file (just to be safe)
  2. Open up the .VMC file in a friendly editor (I usually use notepad)
  3. Add the following data to the <integration/microsoft> section:

                          <allow type=”boolean”>false</allow>

N.B. You need to add the mouse data to the *existing* <integration/microsoft> section – do not create a new <integration/microsoft> section.

And to re-enable mouse integration you should set the mouse value to ‘true’.