How to make the ‘Recent Events’ more meaningful under Virtual Server

Virtual Server has a handy functionality where it displays the last 5 entries in the Virtual Server event log at the bottom of the master status page.  One of the reasons why this is so useful is that all errors encountered by Virtual Server are logged to the event log.  However – this functionality is pretty much ruined because of two issues:

  1. Virtual Server files an event for *everything*.  Simply starting a virtual machine results in over half a dozen events being filed – with helpful descriptions like

    The setting “hardware/pci_bus/ide_adapter/ide_controller[@id=0]/location[@id=0]/undo_pathname/relative” for the virtual machine configuration “DOS” was changed from NULL to “.VirtualPCUndo_DOS_0_0_0_04344503302005.vud”.

    Which is Virtual Server’s way of saying ‘I just hooked up an undo disk’
  2. 5 events is actually not that many events – and you may well want to see a couple more.

Thankfully both of these issues can be easily addressed.  All you need to do is to go to the ‘Website Properties’ page – here you can specify which types of events get displayed and how many events get displayed.  I always select to display everything except the ‘informational events’ and bump the number of events to display from 5 up to 8.  I have found that this makes the recent events display to be much more useful.