Jumpman Lives! under Virtual PC

The other day I realized that I had never tried my copy of ‘Jumpman Lives!’ under Virtual PC.  ‘Jumpman Lives!’ is a very nice remake of the original Jumpman that was released by Apogee in 1991.  Being a fan of the original game I had immediately downloaded it and played it a lot.

Jumpman is a simple but addictive game where you have to run around various levels collecting all of the ‘bombs’ on each level (I vaguely remember a more complex story involving a space station or something).

When I finally found my copy of ‘Jumpman Lives!’ and ran it under Virtual PC, I found that it ran perfectly, and thought: ‘Excellent – I will blog about this!’  However when I went to find a copy of the game that I could direct people too in my blog, I was unable to find anything – until I came across this:

 1991 saw a resurrection of sorts for Jumpman. It marked the appearance of Jumpman Lives!, a relatively faithful rewrite of Jumpman and Jumpman Jr. levels for the PC. Jumpman Lives! was written by Dave Sharpless and released by Apogee Software of Duke Nukem fame (among many others).

Unfortunately Apogee never acquired the rights to Jumpman, which were still owned by Epyx. Apogee were ordered to cease distribution of Jumpman Lives! shortly after its release and they complied. Apogee no longer sells, distributes or retains any copyright on Jumpman Lives!.

Hmmm…  Bummer.  You can find out more details here: http://www.classicgaming.com/jlounge/index.html

Jumpman Lives! under Virtual PC   Jumpman Lives! under Virtual PC   Jumpman Lives! under Virtual PC   Jumpman Lives! under Virtual PC