What I learned at the Windows Core All Hands meeting… (joke)

Well – today I went to the Windows Core All Hands meeting – where I got to listen to top executives talking about our plans for the coming year.

And what did I learn? 

That if you make a Ham, Cheese and Lettuce sandwich – you can stop the bread from getting soggy by putting the mayonnaise and mustard between the cheese and the ham instead of on the bread.


Oh yeah – there was a bunch of other stuff –  but I can’t share that 🙂

Any way – the net result is that I am massively behind on my work today – and don’t have anything too interesting to post at the moment (I haven’t even had a chance to catch up on reading the newsgroups).  But tomorrow is Friday – so I hope to have some time to play a game and post about it.  In the mean time – thanks to my Boss for suggesting the topic of today’s post 🙂