EGA-Trek under Virtual PC

EGA-Trek is an old classic space strategy game where you get to warp around the galaxy, blowing up bad guys with photon torpedoes and laser cannons.  From the FILE_ID.DIZ:

EGATrek v3.0:  EGA space/strategy game.  
You are in command of a powerful starship
in a battle to save the galaxy. Use your 
weapons, scanners, comm, etc. to control 
your ship. Colorful EGA graphics in this 
updated version of the classic space     
game. By Nels Anderson (ASP).

And best of all it runs fine under Virtual PC:

EGA-Trek under Virtual PC

   EGA-Trek under Virtual PC   EGA-Trek under Virtual PC

One interesting fact about EGA-Trek is that in the v3.0 release Nels Anderson had to change all of the terminology from authentic ‘trek’ language to a new imaginary set – as the license owners for Star Trek were upset.  This is one of the reasons why everything looks right until you realize that you are blowing up ‘Mongols’ instead of ‘Klingons’.  If you want to give EGA-Trek a spin – you can download this game from