Solar Winds under Virtual PC

Solar Winds is a not-too-well-known game by Epic Mega.  To be honest – it is not the greatest game in the world – but I enjoy playing it from time to time.  It is an interesting space exploration game where you play a freelancing mercenary. However its main flaw is that it has a linear story line that has no accommodation for you making the wrong move.

The first time I played Solar Winds I spent hours wondering the Solar System randomly until I realized that I should not have shot the third guy I met (despite the fact that this was my mission) and that by shooting him I had completely derailed the main story line.

When you launch Solar Winds you are given the option to configure the various options.  You should enable the Mouse and music – but leave Sound Blaster sound effects off (if you turn these on the game will hang the first time it tries to play a sound).

And there you have it – Solar Winds under Virtual PC:

 Solar Winds under Virtual PC   Solar Winds under Virtual PC   Solar Winds under Virtual PC   Solar Winds under Virtual PC

If you want to try this game yourself – you can download it from:

But heed my warning – do not shoot the third character you meet (your main target for your first mission) 🙂