Operation Wolf under Virtual PC

Operation Wolf was one of my childhood favorite arcade games.  This game places you as a commando tearing through 6 different levels shooting *almost* everything that moves.  I do not know why – but as a child I used to take great joy in shooting the few people that you were not supposed to shoot… Read more

Handling virtual machine events from VBScript

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a sample script to handle Virtual Server events (here: http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2005/11/03/488301.aspx).  Well today I have a slightly different script that shows you how to get events for a specific virtual machine: Option Explicit Dim vs, vm, alive ‘Jump to the main routine main() ‘================================================================’ sub keepAlive() ‘ This subroutine… Read more

QIX under Virtual PC

QIX is one of the oldest arcade games I know of – and while it is rather fun – the stories that people tried to develop around it were bizarre to say the least.  The basis of QIX is that you control this little diamond and attempt to ‘box in’ a quick moving set of… Read more

AfterBurner under Virtual PC

While looking around recently I dredged up this old classic.  This is the 1989 PC port of the arcade classic ‘AfterBurner’ by SEGA.  Spending time playing these truly retro games is always a risky proposition.  Sometimes you find that time has not faired well on a game – and what you used to have fond… Read more

Rebel Assault II under Virtual PC

Like so many computer game sequels – Rebel Assault II takes the same concepts as were used in the original Rebel Assault and polishes them up.  Rebel Assault II follows a new story line where you play a rookie pilot who stumbles into a plan by the Empire to build a fleet of ‘stealth’ tie… Read more

HP ProLiant server sizer for Microsoft Virtual Serer 2005 R2

So I got sent a pretty cool link today: http://h71019.www7.hp.com/activeanswers/Secure/281742-0-0-0-121.html (You will need to signup for a HP login to view this page) What it does is ask you a whole bunch of questions about what type, configuration and number of virtual machines that you want to run on top of Virtual Server R2 and… Read more

Pricing for Virtual Server 2005 R2 announced

As part of the IT Forum announcments – pricing for Virtual Server 2005 R2 was announced today.  Microsoft will be offering Virtual Server R2 Standard Edition for $99 (U.S.) estimated retail price and Virtual Server R2 Enterprise Edition for $199 (U.S.) estimated retail price. Hopefully this will make a lot of people happy to hear… Read more