Duke Nukem 3D under Virtual PC 2004

Duke Nukem 3D is one of the classic 3D shooter games – and is the game that most people think of when they hear ‘Duke Nukem’.  I can personally remember getting together with friends at LAN parties and playing Duke Nukem 3D marathons – where the first person to 500 frags was the winner.

Duke Nukem 3D does run under Virtual PC – however it doesn’t run very well.  The reason for this is that Duke Nukem 3D uses a customer video display routine with self modifying code.  This is very hard to handle under Virtual PC.

Having said that – Duke Nukem 3D is quite playable under Virtual PC on my Dual AMD 246 computer:

Duke Nukem 3D under Virtual PC

   Duke Nukem 3D under Virtual PC   Duke Nukem 3D under Virtual PC   Duke Nukem 3D under Virtual PC

You may need to use the ‘-‘ key to shrink the display in order to get better performance out of Duke Nukem 3D.  If you are interested you can download the shareware version from here: ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/3dduke13.zip

Which finishes up my series on Duke Nukem for now – hopefully by the time Duke Nukem Forever gets released – we will have 3D support so that we can run it 🙂