STAR WARS: Dark Forces under Virtual PC

Hi All!  Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the States (hence the lack of a post from me) which means that today is the ‘big sale’ day of the year for Americans (something I never knew until I moved here).  I usually avoid big sales – but I did grab a coffee and head down to my local Software shop to see what was available.  I was not disappointed – they had a rack full of old software for sale for 25 cents a piece (I bought 6 games :-)).

Amongst my purchases was the all time classic ‘STAR WARS: Dark Forces’ – the first 3D shooter game based in the Star Wars universe (and the predecessor of the now fantastic ‘Jedi Knight’ series of games).  When I got home and dropped the CD into my computer – it helpfully tried to autorun the DOS based installer which crashed and burned immediately under XP.

Thankfully my DOS gaming virtual machine was ever present – and Dark Forces installed and ran perfectly.  No, really, no tweaks, no tricks, just perfect old school 3D game play.  Pretty good way to spend a day off if you ask me.


Dark Forces under Virtual PC

   Dark Forces under Virtual PC   Dark Forces under Virtual PC   Dark Forces under Virtual PC