Windows Media Center 2005 under Virtual PC

Having heard nothing but good reviews about Windows Media Center 2005 – and being a nerd at heart – I decided to try and build my own Media Center PC this weekend.

Once the install CD’s were in my hands – I thought – ‘I wonder if this would run under Virtual PC?’

I have previously tried running Media Center 2004 under Virtual PC – and the result was ‘craptacular’ (the entire UI was distorted and unusable).  So my expectations for Media Center 2005 in VPC were not very high.  Boy was I in for a surprise.

Obviously – I cannot use the TV functionality under Virtual PC (no virtual TV tuner) but the UI, photo and music aspects all worked beautifully.  I was able to listen to music while viewing photo slide shows.

All in all – a very enjoyable (though completely pointless) exercise 🙂

Media Center under Virtual PC

   Media Center under Virtual PC    Media Center under Virtual PC    Media Center under Virtual PC