Dune 2000 under Virtual PC

Next in the Command and Conquer series is Dune 2000.  After the success of Command and Conquer, and Red Alert – Westwood decided to go and create a remake of the original Dune 2.  This game did not do too well in the market – as at the time that it released it compared quite poorly to other real time strategy offerings in the market (due to limited army options, etc…)

But being a fan of the original Dune 2 – I loved it.

Dune 2000 runs fine under Virtual PC with one exception – the mouse cursor animates far too quickly.  Once you get used to this though – it runs very nicely.

At this stage you may be going – ‘Ben, why would I run Dune 2000 under Virtual PC?  It runs fine under XP’ – and that would be a very good question – to which there are a couple of answers:

 1) I just think it’s pretty cool to run stuff inside of Virtual PC (guilty as charged)

 2) Many games (Dune 2000 included) stop me from doing other stuff on my multimon system – by running it inside of Virtual PC it is easy to move it to a second monitor

 3) Also – many strategy games like Dune 2000 have long stretches of game play where you are just sitting around waiting for things to happen (your harvester to gather enough spice for example) – and by running it inside of a virtual machine you can put it in the background, keep an eye (and ear) on things, and browse the web / check your email while you wait.

So there you have it.  Oh yes – here are the obligatory screen shots:

Dune 2000 under Virtual PC    Dune 2000 under Virtual PC

   Dune 2000 under Virtual PC