New and updated test tools for WPF: TestApi v0.3 and WPF Control Verifier

TestApi v0.3 

The WPF test team has recently released a new version of TestApi!  This version includes libraries for fault injection, combinatorial varitation generation, new application control APIs, and updated tests and documentation.  I think all the new libraries are really cool, especially the fault injection libraries.  Learn more about it here.

WPF Control Verifier v0.1

In addition to TestApi, the test team has also developed a tool to verify the behavior of WPF controls.  WPF Control Verifier is a tool that verifies the correctness of WPF Controls. This tool is geared towards WPF Control developers with the goal of providing a set of verifications that all controls can run and consume. Version 0.1 includes one category for verification – default style verification. These tests verify that your control can be styled such that its dependency properties are inheriting or template binding correctly. Future versions will include additional categories of verification.  You can download the tool here.  This is our first beta and we will be updating it based on your feedback. We have a planned set of features for future iterations but this will evolve based on your suggestions. Please send your feedback to

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