Check out the WPF Application Quality Guide v0.3

The WPF Application Quality Guide v0.3 has just released!  For more information on it, check out Ivo’s blog post here.  I especially like the new road map section on the different personas and suggested readings.


Pasting content to new rows on the WPF DataGrid

On a previous post I talked about how to implement Clipboard.Paste for the DataGrid.  The functionality was such that you could only paste to existing rows and cells.  I got a customer request on how to paste to new rows so I thought I’d capture it here.  If you want to be able to paste…


WPF DataGrid – Clipboard Paste Sample

In the v1 release (and CTP) of the WPF DataGrid there will be support for Clipboard.Copy but no support out of the box for Clipboard.Paste.  However, there is extensibility support for Clipboard.Paste which I will show how to implement in this post. In DataGridColumn.cs an additional API, OnPastingCellClipboardContent, exists so you can add pasting functionality to…


WPF DataGrid – Styling rows and columns based on Header conditions and other properties

There have been several questions on the WPF CodePlex discussion list relating to styling rows and columns based some requirements on other elements or some other conditions.  I decided to put a couple examples here on different ways you can accomplish this.  Adding a trigger to a CellStyle based on a column condition From a…


WPF BindingGroup and Validation Feedback

Recap In a previous set of posts I covered the introduction to the BindingGroup feature and I expanded in a following post with an example of using BindingGroup and IEditableCollectionView together.  Last thing on the BindingGroup list to discuss is the additional validation feedback options with item-level validation. Motivation For item-level validation, the target element…