SCOM 2007: Availability Report – Downtime reference matrix

If one day, you try to develop an availability report from scratch for your organization it might be a bit confusing to navigate through the SCOM reporting datawarehouse. To help you, I formalized the different references according to downtime type.   SCOM  Legend Color Enum value used by native SCOM stored procedures Database reference (Downtime)…

SCOM 2007 R2…need assistance to plan and size your deployments?

As you know, you have a great tool to help you in planning and sizing this of thing today….the Capacity Planner. Now, you have a new tool to complete these tasks, it is named Sizing Helper and it is an interactive document. All information was published by our SCOM team here: Hope it will…

SCOM – New forum to share your experiences

Hey, You will find below a link to a new forum about SCOM, a good place to share your experiences notably with the next release…R2 I will write within the next few weeks some posts about reporting design based on SCOM data. Link: Vincent