TFS2008: Tips and tricks to fix potential errors after installation

Hi all,

After having some problems recently to install a TFS platform, I decided to post some tips and tricks about it.

Even if  your favorite search engine (just in case I precise Bing Smile) is your best friend to troubleshoot errors with a copy/paste of the error number or/and error descriptions, you can have multiple causes for the same error. You will find mine below and even if it does not fix your problem, it’s a kind of checklist.

  • TFS31001: Team Foundation cannot retrieve the list of team projects

  • TFS31002: Unable to Connect to this Team Foundation Server

    • This error is also linked to security permissions

    • Check your server name syntax, check in IIS your application pools are started as well as your TFS windows services

    • On my side the problem was linked to the Workgroup edition, you have to declare your users/groups as licensed users.

  • TFS30224: Failed to retrieve projects from the report server

    • Check if your reportserver is up

    • Check if the Reporting Services service is started

    • One solution is to reinstall the SP1 of TFS2008 after the installation of Team Explorer.


Comments (2)

  1. ogolikhin says:

    >TFS30224: Failed to retrieve projects from the

    >report server

    >One solution is to reinstall the SP1 of TFS2008

    >after the installation of Team Explorer.

    Second solution is to reinstall SP1 of Visual Studio 2008, which has helped me much.

  2. Henry says:

    One thing to recognize is the fact that you cannot connect to TFS 2010 via VSTS 2008 unless you have first created a Team Project with VSTS 2010 (not 2008, even with the TFS 2010 forward compatibility update).

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