Windows 7: How to add a new hardware? Loopback adapter?

Recently, I had to add new loopback adapters for virtual machines. The problem is with the build 7000 is you do not have the “add new hardware” wizzard from the control panel.

To use it, you have to call the application itself “hdwwiz.exe”.

Loopback adapters

We use loopback adapters to simulate more network adapters on your machine. really useful when you create virtual machines to build a cluster for example. This kind of adapter is also used to simulate exchange between UPnP devices with the Intel bundle.

Just below, you will find the procedure to add a loopback adapter in Win7 build 7000 step by step.







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  3. Dipesh Kuvekar says:

    resolved my Problem above command i used (hdwwiz.exe)

    thank you  

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