Windows 7 : my first feelings with the beta release

Hi everyone!

It’s so an exciting moment we are living together with the new Windows! The current beta version is simply great.

Here below few personal views on this important release:

  • Highly compatible with the hardware and software designed for Vista

  • Really simple to install, use and integrate @ home

  • This build demonstrates a new time how Win7 has been designed for performance!

What do I appreciate the most?

  • No need to install any of my hardware drivers

  • Quick integration with my home wireless network during the configuration step

  • Performance, performance, performance….you can start/restart your PC very quickly, you navigate through the menus, programs naturally

  • A lot of simple features but so useful on a day-to-day basis

    • Change your screen resolution with 2 clicks

    • You can custom your screen saver, theme, sounds…with one click and very easily

    • Remove your USB drivers with named drivers

    • An “Action center” to manage things such as your updates, system information…

    • A smart taskbar to pin/unpin your programs, to visualize the active windows…

  • Libraries to group your files by type

  • Homegroup to share with security your files between your different PCs

  • I can work with this beta!

    • Visual studio, SQL Server…everything is ok

Few points to highlight…

  • Compatibility issue with tool such as Daemon tools

  • Little issue to activate my gadgets on one of my PCs, I will find out why!

As you know, some persons notably our competitors think we do not answer to our customers, I think windows 7 is a good answer for these persons Smile


Obviously I will get back with some other information about this great product in the following months.

My last advice is feel free to install this release to live this experience on your own.

See ya


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