Logic Apps SQL Connector – Working with Stored Procedures

Handling Input Data Let’s start with creating an Employees table with following schema: Create a new stored procedure AddEmployee – It takes all the parameters of Employees table as input. It checks for existence of the employee before inserting a new record and returns the number of records inserted as return value. We now move… Read more

Restore BizTalk Services

In my previous post we covered backup of BizTalk Services. In this post we will cover the other part of the story, i.e. restore of BizTalk Services. To re-iterate, backup-restore feature provides solution for following scenarios: Disaster Recovery Service migration from dev to prod Upgrade service edition (basic to standard, basic to premium and standard to premium)  Note: Backup-restore feature… Read more

Backup BizTalk Services

BizTalk Services lets you create backup of the service to deal with some of the scenarios like Disaster recovery Service migration from dev to prod Upgrade service edition (basic –> standard, basic –> premium and standard -> premium)  Note: This feature is not provided to Developer edition. Pre-requisites and Setup You need to install Windows Azure Powershell… Read more