The COM objects in the product catalog system

The Catalog system basically has four main objects: 1. The CatalogManager object is the only externally creatable object. The progid is Commerce.CatalogManager. You can use this object to manage all the catalog schema, create/delete catalogs, import from and export to csv and xml files and search the catalog system. 2. The ProductCatalog object is used to manage…


More updates on Commerce Server 2006

Checkout this entry by  Ryan Donovan, the Group Program Manager of Commerce Server for information about the CS2006 Tech preview and how to download the preview bits.  


Programming the Commerce Server Product Catalog System

    This is the first in a series of posts on how you can program the product catalog system. The product catalog system that shipped in Commerce Server 2002 provided three programming models: 1. The Catalog Com objects :  These are a set of objects which allow you to perform management and runtime operations on…


Deploying a Secure Commerce Server Site

Recently there were a few posts in the newsgroups where users were not able to connect to sql server especially when it was configured  on a different machine. If you start seeing connection failure errors like GlobalConfig:Initialize : Login failed for user ‘(null)’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted Sql Server connection then there is a chance…


Sequencing products and categories in the Commerce Server Feature Pack

Among the numerous cool features we added in the  Commerce Server Feature Pack, one of them was the ability to sequence products and categories in catalogs. Based on some of the newsgroup posts it turned out that there is some confusion on this feature. While the primary motivation behind this feature was to allow developers to control the…


What the #$*!, is this virtual catalog name mangling?

I had seen a number of queries in the catalog newsgroups regarding productids and category names in virtual catalogs. Some of the queries failed because the product ids were not used as they were supposed to in virtual catalog. This post covers the name mangling issue for product ids and category names in a virtual…


Get Connected to Free Product Support and Tremendous Online Collaboration

  Have you ever wanted to speak to Microsoft developers of a specific feature of Commerce Server? I am sure your answer was “Yes let me at them”, so the Business Process Integration Division is extending an invitation to all customers to join our key feature developers, program managers, and testers in the following newsgroups:  …


It has been a long while ….

   It has been a long while since I posted on my blog. The entire team had been very busy working on the next version of Commerce Server. Just recently we completed an important milestone by shipping the CS2006 Tech Preview and now onto the Beta release. Among other things Ryan Donovan, the Group Program Manager of Commerce…