Want to try Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 for free?

You can now download the evaluation version of Commerce Server 2007 from here.

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Additional information on general availability and pricing can be found here.

Comments (7)

  1. Kris says:

    Are you going to provide any Virtual Labs for Commerce Server? Thanks.

  2. Kris says:

    One more question – Can I install this on Virtual Server? Are there any restrictions for it?

  3. vinayakt says:

    Yes there will be webcasts on Commerce server 2007 when it is generally available. Also the evaluation edition can be installed on Virtual Server.

  4. Fredrik says:

    Is there a difference between the RC and the trial version?

  5. vinayakt says:

    Yes. The trial aka evaluation version is the final release version whereas RC was a pre-release version. Several bugs in RC were fixed in the evaluation edition.

  6. robpowell22 says:

    We began development on Beta and upgraded to RC when it became available.  We had a number of challenges upgrading our solution using the starter site and it took longer then planned.  I am planning the upgrade to the RTM and optimistic that the upgrade path from RC to RTM will be smoother, partly based on the limited time between the releases.  Would you anticipate the upgrade to be smoother?

  7. vinayakt says:


    We did make some changes from Beta to RC in the APIs to fix various bugs and add new features based on customer requirements which caused breaking changes.However there were no breaking API changes from  RC to RTM. So the upgrade from RC to RTM should be pretty smooth. If you have any issues or need help with something please let us know.

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