Securing the catalog system

The authorization model is another new feature in the Commerce Server 2007 catalog system which allows you to protect your catalog data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Since we decided to expose the functionality of the catalog system over the web service it became imperative to ensure that only authorized users can access the catalog…


Want to try Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 for free?

You can now download the evaluation version of Commerce Server 2007 from here. Other useful links: Product Documentation Product Review Readme Installation Guide Additional information on general availability and pricing can be found here.


Improving the catalog search experience in Commerce Server 2007

Two years back in this post on fulltext search in the catalog system, I had explained how fulltext searches are performed in the catalog system and added the following comment “Providing an increased number of search features/conditions is something we are looking forward to, in the upcoming releases. This should allow you to specify more complex…


Implementing Thesaurus support in the catalog system

Sql Server 2005 now provides Thesaurus support through configurable xml files. In a nutshell  the Thesaurus feature allows you to search for synonyms of the search phrase or replace the search phrase with a replacement phrase and perform the search using the replacement phrase.  These synonyms and replacements can be configured using the xml files.See this link for configuring the…


New Catalogset features in Commerce Server 2007

The catalogsets feature is probably the least known feature in the catalog system. Unlike in previous versions, the catalogsets feature is now  tightly integrated with the catalog sytsem. We have also provided a managed API to create, edit and delete catalog sets.This functionality is also available through the catalog web service. In addition you can now export…


Caching in the catalog system

The Commerce Server 2007 catalog system adds a new caching feature which caches frequently used datasets.     What is cached?             In order to prevent repeated calls to the sql server the catalog system caches the results of various methods in the catalog system. These results are cached in the form of datasets. The catalog…