Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Release Candidate is now available

After several years of hardwork the Release candidate for Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 is now available for public download. The details of the download location and the name change from Microsoft Commerce Server 2006 to Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 can be found in Ryan's post.

The team had been pretty busy for the past several weeks in making this possible and the biggest achievement after we shipped Beta was performance. After several weeks of performance and stress testing, I can definitely say that we now have a product which is not only feature rich and secure but also highly performant. Now that we have delivered on an important milestone I will start blogging regularly on the several cool features in the Commerce Server 2007 catalog system.

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  1. baron says:

    Hi, vinayakt


     I am a developer with commerce server in a microsoft develop team. And My leader is microsoft engineer. I deal with web site ‘’ logfiles analysis in commerce server 2002 environment. Now , I am troubled with performance of web server log import task in commerce server 2002 . And I see that your blog about commerce server 2007 performance.Could you give some suggest about importing web server big log files .

     Every day, Our web servers produce logfiles with 40G size ,and olap server with 8 cpus and 4G memory  must 10 – 12 hours import those logfilse . very long!!

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