My First Blog post – (Hurray!)

Hello everyone,


I just got my blog created on MSDN - Welcome to Vimalsdesk !!


Who am I ?

My Name is Vimal, I started off as a Support Engineer with the Windows Core team at Microsoft in 2009. After a year and half, I joined the Beta support team for Windows 8 and 8.1. Currently I am currently working as an Escalation Engineer here with Windows Serviceability team (earlier called Global Escalation Services or CPR team). For more details about my team and what we do - check our team blog here.


Why am I here?

That's something I haven't completely decided upon yet. I am not entirely new to blogging, I do have a few blogs from the time I was a Beta Engineer for Windows 8, you can see some of them here. For now I want this to be a platform to share my experiences while we debug and troubleshoot issues on Windows issues reported to our support teams here at Microsoft. I want to share tips and techniques you can use to troubleshoot issue and reduce your support calls.


How often will you see a post?

I have to set expectations here. We have a very busy work life here, so the frequency of blog posts would be inversely proportional to the case volume we get in our team. So if you want to see more blogs, you should help us by not calling Microsoft Support for every single issue. Start
Bing's Smart Search more often, and chances are - you will find a solution to your problem on one of our blogs or forums.



Blog postings are provided as is with no warranties, and confer no rights. In no way is this meant to be a replacement for support. I only post some tips and tricks for debugging some of the issues - from the perspective of an engineer supporting the product within Microsoft. I hope it is a good source of information for anyone debugging Windows.

That's it for now. I'll be back with some content soon.  


- Vimal


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