In place upgrade DirSync to Azure AD Connect

In this blog post I am going to exhibit the upgrade process of DirSync to the new AAD-Connect GA.

Azure AD Connect is a tool that simplifies synchronization of your on-premises directories with Azure AD to enable single sign-on to Office 365 and thousands of SaaS and on-premises applications

AAD Connect GA now provide the ability for you to upgrade from an existing DirSync or AAD Sync deployment to Azure AD Connect.

The Azure AD Connect wizard GA provides a guided experience for integrating one or multiple Active Directory forests with Microsoft Azure AD.  Optionally you can configure Exchange Hybrid deployment, password change write-back, AD FS and Web Application Proxy.

Prerequisites for your environment

In order to run the Azure AD Connect public preview 2, your environment must meet the following requirements:

For Express Settings:
Active Directory domain - Windows Server 2003 or higher DC (2003 FFL is OK)
Machines - The machine on which the wizard is run (and sync will be configured) must be running Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 or 2012 R2 and must be domain joined
Credentials you will need - To run the wizard, you must be logged in as a domain account, not a local machine account. Windows Server Active Directory enterprise administrator credentials
Azure Active Directory global administrator account - It is helpful to have a test user account created in Active Directory so that you can do a test sign-in upon completion of the configuration
Azure AD -  You will need one Azure AD tenant which you can use for the evaluation of this preview. 

If you just want to get started, you can get it here.

To Perform a seamless, in place upgrade from DirSync or Azure AD Sync

Install prerequisites

After the prerequisites are installed, AAD-Connect detects Dirsync and will now upgrade it in-place

Next, you will be prompted to enter my Azure AD Administrator Credentials

Finally, I am ready to click Install. I recommend unchecking the box to start synchronizing after install. You can always start it manually later when you are ready.

This part of the wizard took about 10 minutes to uninstall Dirsync and install AAD-Connect.

Note - If you have DirSync and more than 50,000 objects in the directory, we export your DirSync configuration for you, then we import it for you when you run the Azure AD Connect wizard on another machine

Customize your sync options

This allows you to specify or further refine sync options including "write back" options. In addition you can add additional Active Directory forests to your connection.

Click on the icon on the desktop “Azure AD Connect”

In the Custom path of the wizard, we now offer an expanded set of additional sync options currently in Preview mode. Please note that the option for group writeback will allow you to write back "Groups in Office 365" to a forest with Exchange installed. This is a new group type which is always mastered in the cloud.

Preparing Active Directory for user, group or device write back. I would recommend to refer - AzureADConnectPP2Readme.docx



Comments (2)

  1. Brian Wing says:

    After upgrading from DirSync we aren’t able to use a script we had built to manually run a sync. It used to call DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe Delta.

    What is the comparable command with the new update?

    1. iVinayak says:

      The scheduler will by default run every 30 minutes. This feature was introduced with build (released February 2016).

      Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta

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