Bulk import pictures in Office 365 users

Today, I came across a question – How to update photos in bulk in Office 365 In Cloud users When first trying to upload a high-res photo for user’s mailboxes, you’ll likely start with the manual for a user Set-UserPhoto and try to write some Powershell script like the below command: $user = ‘john.doe@contoso.com’ $userphoto…


Playing with Remote Mailboxes

Remote Mailboxes are a way to create a mailbox directly in Exchange Online without having to create it first on-premise. The mailbox attributes are DirSync’ed to Exchange Online rather than having to do a remote mailbox move. Recently I was asked to create a number of remote mailboxes for users that were already present in…


How to Update Certificates for AD FS

How to Update Certificates for AD FS Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 3.0 is a server role included in Windows Server 2012 R2. Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 4.0 is a server role included in Windows Server 2016. Certificates used by federation servers Each federation server is required to have a server authentication…


Bulk update Office 365 User Details

Today, I came across a question – How to update a large batch of user attributes in Office 365. Example – the Company, Title, Department and Office of a selection of users using information in a CSV file. Here is an example CSV file template you could use for this. The UPN fields need to match the Office…


Office 365 – the Internet Bandwidth Planning

There are many factors involved in migrating to or co-exist (Hybrid) with O365. Every organization has or can difference experience based on their current messaging setup. Your existing Exchange environment has to be at some standard or meet some criteria before you start moving to Office Email Cloud. For example if you an undamaged (no…


Step-by-Step Guide for AAD Connect Custom installation + Federation with AD FS

When setting up an Office 365 environment and you want to use your own Active Directory domain you definitely need to setup synchronization services with Azure AD. Where we needed to setup DirSync in the past we now need to install and configure the successor Azure AD Sync or the Azure AD Connect synchronization service. You…


Azure AD Auditing reports – Office 365 users license usage reporting

I recently was working with Partner; he says that Office 365 users are unlicensed. Some of those users were showing up in the portal without licenses for Exchange Online and Lync Online. How’d that happen?” the Partner admin asked. I don’t know,” I said…something that I hate saying, especially to Partners/Customer. So after bit research…


In place upgrade DirSync to Azure AD Connect

In this blog post I am going to exhibit the upgrade process of DirSync to the new AAD-Connect GA. Azure AD Connect is a tool that simplifies synchronization of your on-premises directories with Azure AD to enable single sign-on to Office 365 and thousands of SaaS and on-premises applications AAD Connect GA now provide the…


Office 365 Message Encryption (OME)

In this post, I will demonstrate how to configure Office 365 Message Encryption (OME), activating/ setting up Azure RMS and all necessary ExchangeTransport Rules ). We will create a transport rule that will enable Office 365 Message Encryption on messages with a Sensitivity level set to Confidential. The process to setup and enable Office 365 Message Encryption is really easy….


Bulk assign Office 365 Licenses to users

 I recently had Partner wanted to Bulk assign Office 365 Licenses to DirSync users. In that regard I started looking around for some PowerShell scripts that would allow me to do this (Although Office 365 portal helps assign license in bulk). Users were already populated on Office 365 using DirSync. So after much trial and…