FYI: BUG: Attachments.Add fails for POP3/IMAP only accounts when the attachment type is Outlook.olEmbeddedItem

Problem: Attachments.Add fails only for POP3/IMAP accounts when the attachment type is Outlook.olEmbeddedItem Cause: This is a known issue with Microsoft Product (Outlook 2010) and we have an internal fix available. The fix is expected to go public with the release of next Service Pack for the product. Repro Code: 1. Setup a POP3 only…


System.Net.Mail cannot send secured email using SMTP over SSL aka SMTPS protocol

This is just FYI that we know the limitation of System.Net.Mail classes and its incapability of sending secured emails over SSL / SMTPS. The SmtpClient class only supports the SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over Transport Layer Security as defined in RFC 3207. In this mode, the SMTP session begins on an unencrypted channel,…


BUG: Outlook: Word: A signature to death!

I have been working lately with this customer who was trying to create new signature files under %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Signatures folder which will be used by Outlook 2007 (SP2) but what we discovered is that whenever they try to use it, it used to crash Outlook. This was the content of the HTML Signature file that we…


Hey!!! Do not forget to “Include” me… Ok?

I am not talking about some Friday night dinner or the latest buff around the corner. I am talking about the “Include” tab on Outlook 2007’s Ribbon UI. Recently I got this case where customer developed a custom email form but he was not able to use the “Include” tab to add attachments to the…


HOWTO: Automatically Login to OWA 2007 using HTML + JavaScript

First thing first, you should understand that this is NOT SUPPORTED & NOT RECOMMENDED solution by Microsoft. This is just a proof of concept that OWA 2007 can be auto login, if you know the username & password of target account. The approach is simple and took me little reverse engineering or OWA’s login page….


HOWTO: EWS: Get OOF State for Self or any user in your organization

First thing first, this is just for demonstration purpose and might *not* be a supported solution by Microsoft. The setting we are reading from are hidden messages and not documented anywhere. I had to reverse engineer it for demonstration purpose. Objective: To get OOF State of any user in your organization. Challenges: You might ask…


HOWTO: Query information related to ProgID & CLSID, verify where the image is loaded from Disk.

Ever copied a DLL from one system to another and registered it using RegSvr32.exe? or in other words ever created a DLL hell situation? Its easy and dirty at the same time to copy-paste DLL between systems and register them using regsvr32.exe Often you copy-paste, register DLL from temporary folders or may be desktop and…


HOWTO: EWS: Send UTF-16 request to Exchange Web Service from VBScript

I had explained earlier how you can consume Exchange Web Services like WebDAV from VBScript in the below sample Today I had a requirement to send Unicode request to the server but VBScript does not support Unicode. I workaround this situation, with the help of Notepad and VBScript. In the notepad, write the XML…


BUG: HasAttachments property is false on meeting occurrence with attachment

I thought it was just the last month full of bugs and fixes. This month also started with a Exchange Web Services bug.. or better Exchange Bug as Exchange Web Service is just a victim 🙁 If you add an attachment to a single occurrence of a recurring CalendarItem, and then call GetItem with AllProperties…