Draft: How to take EWS/OWA/ETL trace to troubleshoot Exchange Web Services issues – EXCHANGE 2007 & 2010

THIS IS A DRAFT DOCUMENT AND MAY CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. PURPOSE: Collect ETL trace from Exchange Server 2007 & 2010 to troubleshoot Exchange Web Services related issues. Applies to: Microsoft® Exchange Server© 2007 & 2010 Steps 1) Go to CAS Server and fire up Extra.exe (%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin\ExTRA.exe) 2) This will bring the following window,…


HOWTO: Automatically Login to OWA 2007 using HTML + JavaScript

First thing first, you should understand that this is NOT SUPPORTED & NOT RECOMMENDED solution by Microsoft. This is just a proof of concept that OWA 2007 can be auto login, if you know the username & password of target account. The approach is simple and took me little reverse engineering or OWA’s login page….


HOWTO: EWS: Get OOF State for Self or any user in your organization

First thing first, this is just for demonstration purpose and might *not* be a supported solution by Microsoft. The setting we are reading from are hidden messages and not documented anywhere. I had to reverse engineer it for demonstration purpose. Objective: To get OOF State of any user in your organization. Challenges: You might ask…


HOWTO: WebDAV: Send mail with Custom Form and set properties

This is going to be a very simple sample of how you can send an email with custom properties set and also change the message class so that it render on outlook as Custom Form. Prerequisites: A custom form must be published with same class name to render the email properly. How it works… Step…


Searchfolder created from EWS is not displaying items falling under criteria within Outlook

I have been working on different SearchFolders cases lately where customers were trying to create SearchFolder using EWS. Working on those issues has uncovered a limitation of Outlook (I tested it on 2007, but may exist with earlier versions as well) I created the search folder using the following XML <?xml version="1.0"?> <CreateFolderType xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">…


HOW TO: Create SearchFolder to search for Custom Properties using EWS

Here is a quick sample if you are looking at creating a search folder using EWS which will look for Custom Property. Here we are looking for a custom property named “EmployeeID” and make sure that the property exist and does not have a blank value. public static BaseFolderType CreateCustomPropSearchFolder() { //Base folder type FolderIdType…


HOWTO: Give Service Account Access to all mailboxes on an Exchange 2007 Server

This is my first attempt to write a Powershell sample to my readers. In this sample we will give Send-As, Receive-As, ms-Exch-Store-Admin rights to an active directory user. We will be piping two commands here… Get-MailboxServer and the result will go to Add-AdPermission. You may give same permissions using Exchange Power Shell Window C:\>Get-MailboxServer –Identity…


HOWTO: CDOEXM: Add Associated External Account permission to existing mailbox

If you ever tried to modify the msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor attribute directory then you must be aware that this attribute exists on the user object in the Active Directory and stores a partial copy of the user’s mailbox security descriptor. This attribute is not back linked to the user’s mailbox security descriptor. If msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor is modified directly,…


HOWTO: EWS: Send UTF-16 request to Exchange Web Service from VBScript

I had explained earlier how you can consume Exchange Web Services like WebDAV from VBScript in the below sample http://blogs.msdn.com/vikas/archive/2007/11/22/howto-ews-call-exchange-web-service-from-vbscript.aspx Today I had a requirement to send Unicode request to the server but VBScript does not support Unicode. I workaround this situation, with the help of Notepad and VBScript. In the notepad, write the XML…