Trouble updating contacts’ physical addresses using EWS Managed API?

This happened to be a second recent case among many others facing the similar issue, and they could not update an existing contact using EWS Managed API. I got this customer, like all others complaining that they cannot set the contact’s Physical Address to a blank value. The same contact can be updated using EWS…


FYI: BUG: Attachments.Add fails for POP3/IMAP only accounts when the attachment type is Outlook.olEmbeddedItem

Problem: Attachments.Add fails only for POP3/IMAP accounts when the attachment type is Outlook.olEmbeddedItem Cause: This is a known issue with Microsoft Product (Outlook 2010) and we have an internal fix available. The fix is expected to go public with the release of next Service Pack for the product. Repro Code: 1. Setup a POP3 only…


BUG: ‘ErrorNoPublicFolderServerAvailable’ is not a valid value for ResponseCodeType

Another fine day and some great timings. I was discussing this bug with product group hoping that it is not faced by anyone outside Microsoft and then the phone rings…. I am getting the following error while trying to do a FindFolder call on to Public Folders Exception Type – System.InvalidOperationException Exception Message – Instance…


ERROR: ActiveX component can’t create object (MAPI.Session) on Vista

Make sure you have installed CDO 1.21 which comes separately and no longer ships with Outlook 2007 Download it here : if you are running it on Exchange 2007 server then you need Exchange Server version of it, which can be found here : Still getting the same error??? Are you running 64bit…


ERROR: CDOEXM failing with code 800A0030

I have seen this problem many times where people complain me that they are recieving the following error Error: Error in loading DLL: ‘oExch.DataSource.Open’, Code 800A0030 DataSource.Open command returns instance of CDO.IDataSource interface which is part of CDOEX.dllPossible cause could be CDOEX.dll not registered properly Re-register CDOEX.DLL which should resolve the problem

Microsoft a.k.a. Challenges !

Microsoft is a company full of challenges where challenges turns into opportunities, opportunities which makes you feel out of this world. You see technology, you feel technology, you live technology, technology which drive this world. To give you a brief about myself, I joined Microsoft on 22nd June 2006. I have to say time really fly and I…