HOWTO: Query information related to ProgID & CLSID, verify where the image is loaded from Disk.

Ever copied a DLL from one system to another and registered it using RegSvr32.exe? or in other words ever created a DLL hell situation? Its easy and dirty at the same time to copy-paste DLL between systems and register them using regsvr32.exe Often you copy-paste, register DLL from temporary folders or may be desktop and…


HOWTO: CDOEXM: Add Associated External Account permission to existing mailbox

If you ever tried to modify the msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor attribute directory then you must be aware that this attribute exists on the user object in the Active Directory and stores a partial copy of the user’s mailbox security descriptor. This attribute is not back linked to the user’s mailbox security descriptor. If msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor is modified directly,…


HOWTO: Programmatically enumerate permissions on Exchange 2003 Mailbox Store

This was a tough one and was lots of learning for me as well. Me and my colleague was working on a customer issue where his intentions were to list all the permissions on Exchange 2003 Mailbox Store. Of course one can go to Exchange System Manager (ESM), but considering an environment with 20+ Exchange…


What is supported in Exchange 2007?

Cut Down APIs from Exchange 2007   Management APIs • CDOExM • Queue Viewer API (QAPI) • WMI Classes for Exchange With the release of Exchange 2007 all of exchange management is done via cmdlets in PowerShell™.   Transport APIs • EDK Gateways • Routing Objects • Transport Event Sinks   Store Access APIs •…


ERROR: CDOEXM failing with code 800A0030

I have seen this problem many times where people complain me that they are recieving the following error Error: Error in loading DLL: ‘oExch.DataSource.Open’, Code 800A0030 DataSource.Open command returns instance of CDO.IDataSource interface which is part of CDOEX.dllPossible cause could be CDOEX.dll not registered properly Re-register CDOEX.DLL which should resolve the problem

Running CDOEXM code from

Problem So you have an ASP.Net application that creates a user account in Active Directory and a Mailbox using the CDOEXM library. When you execute the following code in your ASP .Net application Dim oMailbox As CDOEXM.IMailboxStore oMailbox = ADEntry.NativeObject() oMailbox.CreateMailbox(strHomeMDB) You receive the following error executing the CreateMailbox line on Windows 2003:- System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80072020):…


Microsoft a.k.a. Challenges !

Microsoft is a company full of challenges where challenges turns into opportunities, opportunities which makes you feel out of this world. You see technology, you feel technology, you live technology, technology which drive this world. To give you a brief about myself, I joined Microsoft on 22nd June 2006. I have to say time really fly and I…