HOWTO: Automatically Login to OWA 2007 using HTML + JavaScript

First thing first, you should understand that this is NOT SUPPORTED & NOT RECOMMENDED solution by Microsoft. This is just a proof of concept that OWA 2007 can be auto login, if you know the username & password of target account. The approach is simple and took me little reverse engineering or OWA’s login page….


HOWTO: Query information related to ProgID & CLSID, verify where the image is loaded from Disk.

Ever copied a DLL from one system to another and registered it using RegSvr32.exe? or in other words ever created a DLL hell situation? Its easy and dirty at the same time to copy-paste DLL between systems and register them using regsvr32.exe Often you copy-paste, register DLL from temporary folders or may be desktop and…


Tip Of The Day: Facing challenges in troubleshooting Exchange Web Services???

I am starting a new series called "Tip of the day" and will share tips and tricks here on HOWTO do something faster and better. Today I will talk about my favorite topic, Exchange Web Services. We all know WFetch and have been using the same for testing simple HTTP/EWS calls by passing RAW XML/HTML…