FYI: MAPI Application does not work when running from Windows Service (MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR)

I recently had two cases where the MAPI application was failing while creating a dynamic profile calling IMsgServiceAdmin::ConfigureMsgService. Although if the same application is executed outside Service Control Manager then it work and is able to create the profile just fine. In both cases we found out that the older versions of OLMAPI32 had this…


MAPI asks: Can you please take it offline???

MAPI developers have another reason to cheers. Now you can take the MAPI documentation with you for a walk. Outlook 2007 MAPI Reference is now also available as offline download in a CHM format, download it here All you need now is find a CHM viewer for your Windows Mobile and take the documentation…


Sing me MAPI Rhyme again!!!

MAPI, MAPI, Yes, Papa.Getting lost? No, Papa.Telling lies? No, Papa.Where you then???Here! Here! Here! Trust me not going anywhere… atleast for now. Just a new home for MAPI.  Find all the MAPI documentation here & hear more from Angela about the change


HOW IT WORKS: Why my MSG files are getting converted to inline attachments ?

You might have faced this issue if you have used Outlook to send emails to SMTP recipients (non-exchange). Whenever you attach any MSG file to attachments it gets converted to inline attachment for the recipients. It made my colleague Akash worried why its happening and I have to explain him Why. Here is the story……


HOWTO: WebDAV: EWS: Programmatically recover soft deleted items from dumpster

As you may already know, EWS has support for Soft-Deleting items but the irony is it cannot access the soft-deleted items. This is a design challenge and product group is aware of this limitation. Hopefully we should see this support natively in EWS sooner or later. If you really need a solution or as we term it…


What the heck is MAPI ?

MAPI is one of the most sophisticated set of APIs Read the full story here…


Microsoft a.k.a. Challenges !

Microsoft is a company full of challenges where challenges turns into opportunities, opportunities which makes you feel out of this world. You see technology, you feel technology, you live technology, technology which drive this world. To give you a brief about myself, I joined Microsoft on 22nd June 2006. I have to say time really fly and I…