HOWTO: Get Exchange 2000/2003 mailbox statistics remotely using WMI

Of course you cannot use WMI to manage Exchange 2007, obviously Powershell is more power full and recommended to be used on Exchange 2007 Server. We will talk about Powershell and how to do same for 2007 later. For now you can use following script to get the statistics data from Exchange WMI Provider and…


HOWTO: Programmatically enumerate permissions on Exchange 2003 Mailbox Store

This was a tough one and was lots of learning for me as well. Me and my colleague was working on a customer issue where his intentions were to list all the permissions on Exchange 2003 Mailbox Store. Of course one can go to Exchange System Manager (ESM), but considering an environment with 20+ Exchange…


Attachments go crazy and loose their positions when item is touched by Exchange Web Services

My fellow colleague had this customer who was using Exchange Web Services to update body of an appointment item. He created a new appointment from Outlook with some body text, attachments in the body to the position where he wanted, subject & location. Appointment was saved as it should and life was good. This is…


BUG: HasAttachments property is false on meeting occurrence with attachment

I thought it was just the last month full of bugs and fixes. This month also started with a Exchange Web Services bug.. or better Exchange Bug as Exchange Web Service is just a victim 🙁 If you add an attachment to a single occurrence of a recurring CalendarItem, and then call GetItem with AllProperties…


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BUG: Unable to load WinHTTP.dll into Outlook 2007 VBA References

Are you having hard time in adding WinHTTP.dll into Outlook 2007 VBA references on your Vista machine, so let me tell you that we are aware of it. The problem is shown below.. Look at the location part, which is for sure invalid path. The root cause is the installation of this DLL into the…


BUG: ‘ErrorNoPublicFolderServerAvailable’ is not a valid value for ResponseCodeType

Another fine day and some great timings. I was discussing this bug with product group hoping that it is not faced by anyone outside Microsoft and then the phone rings…. I am getting the following error while trying to do a FindFolder call on to Public Folders Exception Type – System.InvalidOperationException Exception Message – Instance…


ERROR: ActiveX component can’t create object (MAPI.Session) on Vista

Make sure you have installed CDO 1.21 which comes separately and no longer ships with Outlook 2007 Download it here : if you are running it on Exchange 2007 server then you need Exchange Server version of it, which can be found here : Still getting the same error??? Are you running 64bit…


HOW IT WORKS: Why my MSG files are getting converted to inline attachments ?

You might have faced this issue if you have used Outlook to send emails to SMTP recipients (non-exchange). Whenever you attach any MSG file to attachments it gets converted to inline attachment for the recipients. It made my colleague Akash worried why its happening and I have to explain him Why. Here is the story……