Exchange Web Services 101 : Let’s get started!

Want to learn Exchange Web Service but not sure how and from where? Here are the few articles that I share very often with partners and customers who want to learn more about Exchange Web Services.

Undoubtedly there is so much information out there and that’s too in such a short span of time. You better start with Inside Exchange Web Services book from MSPRESS and then the rest of the articles can be utilized.



  • Inside Microsoft Exchange Web Services

Note: This book target Exchange 2007 RTM and does not talk about features introduced in Exchange 2007 Sp1 & later

  • Common EWS Operations

  • Working with attachments

  • Links on Common Exchange Web Services (EWS) Questions

  • Generating list of calendar items using EWS

  • Understanding and Fixing Slow Exchange Web Services Code

Part 1

Part 2

Exchange Notifications

  • Exchange Web Services – Notification Subsystem

  • Transitioning to Exchange Web Services Notifications (from Store Events Sinks)

Note: Notification Watermarks are valid for 30 days after which they expire

Exchange Managed API

Videos –

  • Introducing the EWS Managed API 1.0

  • EWS Managed API 1.0 Beta SDK April 2009

  • Exchange Server Developer Center


Please do let me know if that information is helpful to you.

Comments (6)

  1. Sandra Wade says:

    I had particularly problem in working with attachments. However, i didn’t actually get this guide properly.

  2. Vikas - MSFT says:

    Sandra, You can drop me an mail and tell me the problem in detail. Use the following page to contact me –

  3. Sandra,i had the same problem,if you don’t have solve it yet,please let me know.


  4. vanya says:

    Hi vikas,

    I want to create atask for other user using EWS and exchange server.

    am new to this EWS can u please help me out in this regard

  5. Hitendra says:


    I'm creating Outlook Addin and I want to get primary SMTP address if user use alieas for mail.

    For example user A is having is primary SMTP address

    and and are 2 alieas. if any one in same domain let say B is writing mail to A using at that time I want to find out the primary SMTP address of user A which is

    Can you please guide me for same.

    Thanks in advance.


  6. Vikas - MSFT says:

    @Hitendra… you need to make an AD query for that user account and look at ProxyAddresses property to list down all the Addresses..

    The list may contain following addresses


    the SMTP in uppercase is the primary SMTP address here…

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