Microsoft a.k.a. Challenges !

Microsoft is a company full of challenges where challenges turns into opportunities, opportunities which makes you feel out of this world. You see technology, you feel technology, you live technology, technology which drive this world.

To give you a brief about myself, I joined Microsoft on 22nd June 2006. I have to say time really fly and I still feel its my first day. I am still as excited as I was very first day. I work as Developer Support Engineer for Messaging & Collaboration team which is based out of Bangalore, India. We provide support for most of the APIs which deals with Exchange & Outlook.

I have created this blog, keeping in mind a vision to share my day to day experiences with outside world.

If you have any feedback or question, related to Microsoft, I would love to hear that and provide you with the best possible answer.

Saying all that... I would like to sign off for today.

It's 7:00 in the morning but for me it's time to get into bed. See ya... Soon


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  1. Ahmad says:

    Hi Vikas,

    WOW!!! Every day I see new blogs sprouting in and I just cant wait to get into MS.. MS is like Heaven on Earth to me :).. Wish to be in the boat soon… What does it take to get into MS.. Well my story goes this way. .I dropped out of Engineering cos it was too dry and I’m a born computer nerd, Now im working as a Developer in Rails for a Web 2.0 Startup in Chennai… Please tell me what does it take me to enter this amazing place



  2. Vikas - MSFT says:


    There is no so called "Trick" to get into Microsoft. You need to prove your passion for Microsoft & Technology. It may sound little strange but World biggest Software company does not consider Education much while hiring you. You need to be purely technical stuff and passionate about technology. Prove yourself by participating into Blogs & Forums, complete certifications, become MVP blah..blah..blah.. In short help the Community and get noticed thats the one way. Other way round is, work and gain enough expertise to be called domain expert in any Microsoft Technology & give interviews with a passion in mind. Last but most important, never give up your dream, believe me Life starts after you are into Microsoft.

    Hope to see you soon…. @ Microsoft

  3. Another engineer from my team is blogging now. Check it out :

  4. Zachi says:


    I am Messaging Developer who came across with the following problem:

    * Our software using CDO & ADODB to access Emails (CDO.Message, ADODB.Recordset & ADODB.Record).

    * One of our customer suffers from time to time with huge delays (few seconds and up to one minute) while our software is trying to access different items as described above.

    * My questions:

    ** Which approach we should take to isolate the RC for this?

    ** Is there any good tool that debug ExOleDB Connections? Maybe counters we should monitor?



  5. Vikas - MSFT says:

    What is the exchange server that you are running on and can you mail me some of your code which according to you is causing this hang/delay? Contact me on "Email" page.

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